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Often a home owner does not have the money to do a major renovation before selling. An empty house without furniture and with a non-irrigated garden does not arouse any positive emotions in prospective buyers, especially since many people cannot imagine how the building can look when renovated and what expansion and optimization potential is available.

Sometimes a house is renovated before it is sold and the buyer then starts dismantling materials that are as good as new because they do not suit their taste.

If you plan for a European, shutter windows and cooling in the bedrooms are often sufficient – if you build for an American, the entire apartment is usually air-conditioned.

The European concept of building first and then selling shortly before completion does not work so easily in the Caribbean – especially as Corona currently also severely restricts on-site visits.

In addition to the classic project development of land or existing properties, we therefore offer our customers virtual renovations based on a pre-planning concept developed by our architects:

  • The building is created as a 3-dimensional walk-in model and can be viewed with VR glasses

  • Up to 6 glasses can be networked with each other regardless of their location, so that customers can visit the model together from anywhere in the world with the appropriate internet connection

  • Sound is also transmitted with the VR glasses, while simultaneous live translations enable communication within the model

  • Animations and image films can be created from the model

  • 360-degree photos and 360-degree animations can be integrated into a website as a link

To have a mix of the existing and the environment, we integrate drone flights and images from our Insta360Titan camera in the image films or VR scenes.


    pictures: © Prinzip 3D

    As a prospective buyer, may we invite you for a virtual tour of both the current inventory and our renovation proposal? Please contact us.

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